Alex the Lion from Madagascar.

Alex is a performer lion who was one of the characters in Madagascar. He was once in the wild, a cub, originally

named Alakay, and with his father named Zuba, but was kidnapped by poachers and unintentionally dropped to the river, which led him to end up in New York, where he became King of New York City (a show name). In an attempt to stop Marty from doing something stupid, (going to Connecticut) he ended up darted, dazed out, woke up, darted again, then later in crates, along with his other friends, and a lost fate in Marty, believing that the mishap was his fault, and lead to being lost in sea again, only to end up in Madagascar.

LionHeartCaptain made an adventures series called "Alex's Adventures series", which in his team has him, Marty, Melman, Gloria, his parents (who still call him by his birth name), and his love interest (and later, wife), Leonette (and eventually, their daughter Alexis). The team will later include Vitaly, Gia and Stefano, too.